Elm Court

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We’ll miss our home on Elm Court in the Sunnyside neighborhood of Denver. It’s a 1902 Dutch Colonial. Like most older neighborhoods, ours was once a proud place to call home. After World War II came the urban flight to the suburbs. Old houses fell into disrepair, gangs moved in, bars covered the windows.

By 1995, the suburbs sprawled 25 miles from downtown and traffic became unbearable. People started taking another look at the inner city. A few brave souls bought dilapidated houses and fixed them up… first for themselves and later as an investment. Our Sunnyside home was one of those.

In 2004, a developer bought it and removed everything that wasn’t worth saving. He rebuilt the interior and constructed a new 3-car garage. I bought it from him in 2005, just as the neighborhood was beginning to heat up.

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Landscaping it for the past 12 years was a labor of love. I moved literally tons of rock, building terraced walls, curving paths, and a koi pond with cascading waterfalls.

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