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Roofing & low-voltage wiring


The northeast part of Midtown is buzzing with activity again, and houses in every stage of construction from excavation to siding.

The snow has mostly melted, and roofers have begun their work. Soffits and fascia are finishing things out. …

Electrical wiring & TV

Bedroom TV framing

I got a call from our builder supervisor early in the morning. The electrician asked that I stop by the house to clarify a few things. I drove through the snow and was surprised they allowed me to meet with the electrician and walk through things as they were working. …

Windows & plumbing


Progress on the house (and all new homes at Midtown) seems to have slowed a bit. In the final weeks of 2016, nearly all the foundations were poured in the block between 68th Avenue & 67th Place, as well as between Mariposa Street & Mariposa Place. …

More friends are moving to Midtown!

Friends at Infinity

Two friends had a big surprise for us: they’re building at Midtown too! They chose an Infinity Alto on Home Plate Park, at the opposite end of Midtown about ¾ mile west of us. Their construction is about a month behind ours (foundation at the point), but who knows… we might move in around the same time.

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