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Design Center 2

Although we’re disappointed with having to move to a different lot, we’re continuing to plan for our new Midtown home. We spent several hours each day of the last week researching our design options. …

Another chance

Lot 2

David Weekley has proposed a solution to our lot-fit situation: a larger lot across the alley from where we were originally going to build. It’s still considered a corner lot, but the side yard will face the backs of other homes instead of a downtown view. …

Things change

Things change

We had a setback today. The lot we were so excited about, the one with the downtown view… it’s not going to work out for us.

Although our lot is wider than many at Midtown, it’s a corner lot. It turns out the lot is 5 feet narrower than expected, and that causes a problem with setback regulations. …

Design Center 1

Design 1

Our first visit to the design center! And we were completely surprised by the abundance of decorator choices.

I bought a new home before: a house at Sunrise Creek in southern Jefferson County. It was built in 1999–2000 by Melody Homes (later DR Horton). …


The first official order of business after signing the contract is to decide something that will actually be one of the last things to be installed: low-voltage options. That’s all the electronics wiring: phone/network jacks, security system, speakers, etc. …

Mom visits

Mom visits

My mom came to visit from Florida, and we surprised her with the news. We took her for a drive around Midtown, to the site of our new home, and the Opal model. “You are going to love living here!” 

68th Ave widened

68th Ave

We sign a contract!

Bob & Richard at Opal model

Finally our turn!

Lot 1
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