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Jim Baker

Our previous David Weekley representative is moving on. We’re so thankful he guided us through the challenges and helped us get the new lot. Today we had a meeting with him and his replacement. We know we’re in good hands.

Autumn nature walk


Seems I just can’t stay away from Midtown. I’m drawn not only to the neighborhood, but also the natural surroundings. Parked at the lot on the east edge of Midtown (Kalcevic Gulch) this morning and walked along Clear Creek Trail. …

New contract


It felt like today would never come. We signed an updated contract, transferring to the new lot. Our old lot, which we loved, would be slightly too small for our floorplan. Due to setback regulations, it wasn’t possible to build it there.

Down in the valley


We’re still waiting to sign an updated contract on the new lot. After a weekend away in the mountains, we stopped by Midtown to see what’s going on. Nothing much happening in the homesites, but we were shocked to find the eastern valley totally transformed.

Design Center 3

Design 3

After countless hours considering every decorator detail in the past two weeks, today was our third and final design center meeting. 

The stairs in the Opal floorplan are very prominent – the first thing you see when you walk in the door. …

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