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Plumbing rough-in


The foundation’s been done for 10 days, and it seemed like nothing was happening. But now they installed rough-in plumbing, which will be below the basement floor. I didn’t even realize we were going to have things set up for a bathroom down there. …



Stopped by the house today and it’s been backfilled around the foundation. Starting to look like what you’d expect from a house. You look at those tall foundation walls long enough and you forget everything but the top foot or so will be buried!

Foundation poured


It snowed most of yesterday. I figured nothing would happen during the storm. Imagine my surprise when I stopped by today and not only had they poured the foundation, the forms have been removed. …

Forms are ready


They’ve set up the forms for pouring the foundation. Those things must weigh a ton – they drop them in with a lift. Didn’t get to see it happen on our house but I’ve watched them do it for others. …

Footings poured


The next step after excavation has begun: concrete footings for our foundation walls. This is what the entire house will sit on. They also include small pipes that drain water away from the foundation – important protection from our clay-based 

We broke ground!


We’d scheduled our first meeting with the man who will supervise construction of our home (what David Weekley calls the Builder). He’s very experienced, and saw no problem when we asked about adding a couple windows at a reasonable price. …

Election night

Election night

Election Day 2016 turned into Election Night. A long, long night. No matter who you supported, I think it’s fair to say almost everyone was surprised with the outcome. Maybe even the eventual winner.

Electrical review

It’s hard to imagine all the places you want an electric outlet. Sure, there’s the obvious ones. But how about under the desk in the middle of the study? Maybe a lamp on the end table next to the sectional. …

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