The donuts

Today was unforgettable. And not because of the house… because of the people.

I’ve been watching the crew for several days, sometimes waving at them but mostly trying to stay out of the way. I don’t want to distract a guy and he shoots a nail gun through his hand! But it’s an odd feeling watching them work so hard and me lurking around not saying a word.

So I got up early this morning (well, early for me!) and bought a carton of coffee and a dozen donuts. I took them up to the jobsite and offered them to the framing crew. I had written out a little speech in Spanish, but realizing that would have been fake, I just said Hi and set the coffee and donuts on the tailgate of their pickup. The guys came down to eat when they had time.

I talked to the foreman. He’s a short man with a Spanish accent; also fluent in English. He told me he lives in Sunnyside too, and his house has also increased in value like ours. He’d like to sell it and put their son through college, if his wife would let him. His daughter is already at Regis Catholic University nearby.

It was so great to connect with someone partly responsible for building our house. And to find we had things in common. I told him I realize for his crew it’s a job, but for us it’s our home. And we appreciate all their hard work.

© Robert B Pickering 2017