The basement door

Despite the cold weather, they poured our basement floor yesterday. Yay!

We have a new concern, and I don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner. We’re so accustomed to the model home (which has a finished basement) that we didn’t consider how our unfinished basement will look. Who cares… it’s just storage, right?


Except for the basement door. Finished basements don’t have one. But for our floorplan, there would usually be one at the top of the stairs. Next to the front door. And blocking the light from the two large front windows over those stairs. Wow… that’s sad.

So we asked if the door could be moved to the bottom of the stairs. The staircase is always finished, but only to a point. We’ll require extra framing at the bottom to enclose the entire staircase.

We were afraid the builder wouldn’t be able to accomodate our request, especially so late in the process. But as usual, he said it would be fine. Whew!

If the basement is ever finished, that framing and door will need to be removed to make way for the bathroom that they’ve already roughed in with plumbing. But that’s a problem for another day… and possibly another owner.

We got our light and windows back!

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