Framing adjustments

Once again, David Weekley came through for us. Sometimes things don’t turn out exactly right the first time, but our builder (supervisor) doesn’t quit. He kept on the framers until the bathroom window was done right. He agreed to lower the small bedroom windows as we requested. We discovered the powder room window wasn’t framed. All this will be fixed.

But what really impressed us was a suggestion from our builder. “I know you like lots of light. Since you’re not going to have a door at the top of the basement stairs, why not remove the wall that blocks the windows too?”

The wall was already framed up, and yet he didn’t mind taking it out. Going the extra mile to please a customer is just David Weekley’s style. They’re also removing a pantry because our kitchen design doesn’t need one. (We’d rather have more cabinets.)

Interior framing 2

These touches will make a great house even better. And we’re thrilled!

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