View from the inside

A big day for us… our first time walking inside our new house! So much changed in the last ten days, when it was cold foundation walls and a pile of wood. It’s a real house, with floors, stairs and walls. (Well, rather drafty and we can walk right through those walls, but still…)

Best of all, we can see the view from our windows. That’s something you just can’t do walking through the model or standing on the ground. We’ll have some great views through those big windows. At this point, we can see from downtown to the mountains, but some of it might be blocked when they build neighboring houses.

Interior framing

I was right: the neighbor’s house ends far enough back from ours that we’ll have a clear view from our master bedroom to the west. I hope no larger homes are built down the street so we can keep our mountain view. Those windows are at 5 ft 4 in, which is a little higher than I had asked for last week. Hopefully then can still lower them.

And the bathroom window. They reframed it and made it the right dimensions, but it’s tall and narrow like the adjacent window. It needs to be rotated 90 degrees. I’m sure they will make it right.

Even so, Richard and I are thrilled with how the house looks… from the inside!

© Robert B Pickering 2017