The windows

The framing has begun for our neighbors to the west! For the first time, it feels like an actual house. Brookfield has also begun framing the Duet 2 across the street. I’m surprised at how much this changes things. Everything seems so much taller than I expected. I’m so used to looking down at the ground!


Richard & I stopped by the Opal model for a little experiment. The second floor master bedroom has two small windows on the back wall behind the bed. They’re up pretty high and are meant to let in light more than anything. But I lined up our floorplan with the neighboring house, and it seems our bedroom stands out quite a bit past their second floor. If I were just a little taller, I could see out… and maybe see the mountains.

We checked a similar window in the model, one that’s already 8 inches lower than those master bedroom windows. Lowering the windows 8 inches would be too much and might be a privacy concern. So we’ve asked our builder to lower them 4 inches… and he gave his usual anwer. “No problem!”

We love working with David Weekley… they have been willing to make minor modifications like this for us. There will be similar homes in the neighborhood, but none exactly like ours.

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